Benefits of the Roots WordPress Development Toolkit

Roots is a collection of open-source tools designed to make WordPress websites and application development better and faster.

We’ve been developing our custom WordPress sites using the excellent Roots framework for a while now and I have to say we’re really impressed! It’s now our first port of call for all new projects.

So what are the benefits of the Roots WordPress framework?

As we use Roots more, we may well add to this list, but so far these are the reasons we use Roots.

More secure

The file structure is optimised for modern web development and as such the login url which add another inconvenience to would be hackers.

Updating plugins and themes are more reliable and efficient

Updating of WordPress, it’s theme and plugins can be handled by Composer (a command line tool) rather than clicking Update links in the admin area. What this means is if you look after a number of sites it’s possible to update them all in one go and also to roll back plugins to previous version should update prove to be incompatible with other plugins.

Improved workflow enables the development of better sites quicker

If you don’t follow modern, best practices for website development you can’t really use Roots, so to do so, you have to up your game and walk the Roots way.

Faster, standards based sites

Utilising the Sage starter theme, which comes with Roots, gives the perfect start to building a fast loading high performance site.

Better rankings and higher conversion rates

A well built site doesn’t guarantee good search rankings and conversion rates but it certainly gives you the best chance of these. Google has given many indicators that fast loading sites on both mobile and desktop devices is an increasingly important ranking factor.

If you’re looking for a fast, high converting custom build WordPress site built in the Roots framework please get in touch.