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Wordpress Web Design & Custom Themes | Wightfield

Innovative and effective
Wordpress web design

Choose from a bespoke, hand-built Wordpress theme that meets your precise requirements, or let us customise an existing theme and make it uniquely yours.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s cheap…

WordPress may be free, but don’t assume that means it lacks quality! In the right hands, WordPress can power cutting-edge, awarding-winning sites for some of the biggest companies.

We’re not purists, insisting on hand-coding all sites from scratch, though if that’s what you want, then no problem, that’s what we prefer. Every client is different – we look carefully at all the available options and find an approach that perfectly suits your needs and budget, arriving at an outcome that makes you happy.

Functional and elegant design, optimised for conversion

At the end of the day WordPress is just a back end tool and with all projects our number one objective is to design and build web sites that fulfill a purpose and meet your objectives. Once we have a deep understanding of your goals and the needs of your visitors, we’ll design you an effective and beautiful site, focused on getting results.

And once that site is built, the attention doesn’t stop there. Devising a marketing and performance plan will be essential to get your site off to a healthy start, and ensure your business continues to develop in line with your vision.