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Wordpress Website Development | Wightfield

Wordpress is ideal for everything! Well almost everything.

Wordpress is a highly flexible CMS, and one of the most widely supported. Consequently, when you understand the inner working of Wordpress in the way that we do, there aren't many web sites or even web apps it isn't ideal for.

Why WordPress?

It’s easy to use; most people with reasonable technical skills can put together a site quickly and easily. There are also lots of WordPress experts out there willing to assist, but this advantage can also turn out to be a big disadvantage.

What we mean by this, is that there are a lot of people who may claim to be able to help, but who aren’t WordPress experts. Poor build quality can lead to sites that are slow to load, sites that are insecure and risk hacking, and sites that crash easily and so on.

WordPress may seem easy in a lot of ways but it’s also highly complex and within a very short space of time, with the help of plug-ins, you can create an extremely complex application. This is the point at which many people become frustrated and ask for help. We’re happy to pick up the reins at this point but bear in mind that often it’s preferable to seek expert involvement at the start because in that way the site can be built correctly from the ground up.

Fantastic functionality and design for little cost

A carefully constructed WordPress site can look great, be very secure, run fast, be easy to edit and give you a fantastic, flexible site for a modest budget.

We regularly come across in-house, custom-made content management systems and are often amazed at the limited flexibility these systems offer. They frequently take longer to build than a WordPress site, have limited or no documentation which means that if you switch developers (and you’re allowed to take the content management system with you), lack of documentation can mean changes are extremely difficult to carry out.

The WordPress solutions we offer give amazing control and flexibility and you’ll know that should you choose to work with another web company you’ll have a CMS well supported by documentation that other companies will understand and can build upon.