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Wordpress Maintenance & Security Solutions | Wightfield

Proactive solutions for a successful Wordpress site

As Wordpress experts, we regularly see our clients experiencing the same 3 issues. Though these issues affect the success of their web site, with a little help, they're easily put right.

  • 1
    Lack of skills or confidence to edit your site via the Wordpress admin

    Do you forget how to do site updating tasks that aren't performed regularly?

    We've provided a lot of Wordpress training workshops for our clients over the years, often on custom functionality specific to their particular theme, but even when notes are taken, unless the process is repeated often, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

    Our solution: Custom made training screencasts, accessible directly from your Wordpress dashboard will remind you of exactly what you need to know.

    Do you have Wordpess, general website or search marketing questions but no-one to ask?

    If you've had your site a while and don't regularly work with your web developer and don't have a support arrangement in place, you perhaps don't feel you have anywhere to direct your small but important questions.

    Our solution: An hour a month of general support within a support package. This could be for questions, carrying out image editing work, or other basic edits to the site via the Admin system.

  • 2
    Not sure how your site is performing or how to continually improve it?

    Do you have a Google Analytics account that tracks visitor data? Most people do, but do you review this data regularly and use the information to make the necessary changes to improve your site's performance?

    This is another essential on-going site tasks which often gets neglected due to a lack of time and expertise in data analysis.

    Our solution: Regular Analytics review, key findings report and telephone consultation so you know how your site is performing and what you need to give attention to.

    Reviewing your own website data is a great start, but do you monitor your competitors' progress and your own keyword rankings online?

    Google Analytics is essential and a great insight, but it doesn't tell you how your competitors are performing or give you suggestions on how your site could be improved to perform better in the search engines.

    Our solution: We work with Moz.com who are the leaders in search marketing tools and analytics. We can add your site to our corporate account and configure it to monitor both your primary keywords and those of your competitors. With the data collected, we can help you make the necessary changes to ensure your site continues to perform well.

  • 3
    Don't know how to keep your Wordpress installation up to date and secure?

    You may be aware that you need to keep your Wordpress installation, plug-ins and themes up to date for security reasons, but do you know how to do so?

    Getting hacked could mean your site goes completely offline or that customers visiting your site see a warning which advises them not continue. There may also be a warning in Google's search results saying that your site has been hacked. As well as giving your customers a bad impression and potentially losing business, having your site hacked can also damage your search rankings for a time. Repairing this damage can be time consuming and costly.

    We've repaired a number of hacked Wordpress sites this year and the main reason for the hacks have been that plug-ins, themes and Wordpress installations weren't kept up to date. Virtually every time we login to a client's Wordpress admin we find updates are overdue, and this is often because clients are concerned that installing updates may cause issues, or they simply neglect the task because time is short. Things can become unstable when updates are installed which is why it's best done by experts. If you would like to install updates yourself, we can give training on that to ensure that the process is carried out effectively with minimal disruption.

    Our solution: Wordpress, theme and plug-in update service. We make sure we have a suitable backup before performing updates and review changelogs for any plug-ins or themes we're updating so we get a heads-up on any potential issues. If we deem it necessary, we'll perform the update on a staging site before making any changes on the live site.

The solutions

  • From £100 pcm
  • (Depending on options required)
  • Theme, plugins, WP updates
  • Security and performance
  • Eyes on site
  • Custom Wordpress training screencast
  • Help when you need it
  • Enquire
  • £60-£180 pcm
  • (Depending on options required)
  • Analytics review
  • SEO expert review of Google Analytics data to provide insights and actions.
  • Analytics review, MOZ.com subscription, monthly ranking, SEO reports and analysis.
  • We add your site to our MOZ.com account and configure it to monitor your primary keywords and competitors. Review and feedback of this data will help you create a more productive site.
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Maintenance, security and support

Theme, Plugin, WP Updates

A weekly check for updates to Wordpress, themes and plugins. Before running any updates we review release notes and if appropriate we run the updates on a staging site first.

File and Database Backup

Set up regular backups appropriate to your site and hosting platform. This may be provided by a premium backup plugin or a web server solution may be more suitable to your needs.

Security and Performance

Initial site security and performance review and implementation of any necessary security hardening. We then monitor the site with daily malware scans, review alerts from the security plug-in and re-test load speed monthly.

Eyes on site

All sites have some key pages generating sales or leads so it's important for real person to check these monthly. As well as a visual check we can offer more advanced testing if necessary.

Custom training videos

Custom training video screencast reminding you of custom admin tasks related to your Wordpress installation, accessible directly from your Wordpress dashboard.

Help when you need it

If you have any website related questions or need help resizing some images or some basic edits to the site you have 1 hour of expert assistance when you need it.

Marketing consultancing and SEO review

Analytics review

This is another essential task which is often neglected because of a lack of time and data analysis expertise. We'll review your analytic data and Webmaster Tools monthly and feed our findings back to you with recommendations.

Analytics, MOZ.com ranking and insights

We add your site to our MOZ.com account and configure it to monitor your primary keywords and competitors, then review and feedback this data alongside your Google Analytics data to help you implement all the necessary changes.