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Wordpress Marketing | Wightfield

Measure, review, optimise.
Measure, review optimise...

A marketing, site review and optimisation plan is essential to the success of a site.

Planning for success

Virtually all the sites we create require a promotional strategy. What this entails will depend on various factors, for example:

  • time and ability of stakeholders
  • the market place and your position in it
  • site goals
  • current search engine position
  • available budget

Depending on the answers to the above, we’ll produce a document outlining our suggested marketing activities and how we can work with you to facilitate them.

Measure and review

We always suggest setting a review date to to properly analyse all relevant performance data like search engine positioning, social media activity, conversion rates, sales figures, PPC etc. We can then help you define new strategies and actions to continue to allow your site to grow.


Once the data has been analysed, this is the time to make any site and marketing changes, along with creating a plan to measure the effectiveness of such changes.

Defining goals, reviewing progress and outlining new goals is the recipe for a successful site.


Some of our key skills

SEO | PPC | Social media marketing | On-site otpimisation | Content marketing | Link acquisition